A loan against property is a loan against your house or even a plot. If all the land titles are in place, you have an income and you are eligible then this is the cheaper loan option for you. Though the interest rates on this loan are higher than that of a home loan, it's cheaper than that a personal loan or a loan against security.

Loan against property is a secured multipurpose loan with longer tenure and lesser rate of interest than a personal loan.If you have a valuable asset like self occupied house or a commercial can apply for it.The loan is given as a certain percentage of the proerty's market value

Property loan is a very good alternative if you need capital.your property must have no outstanding ownership dispute associated with it and should not be mortgaged.If you can make repayments from your earnings,there is nothing to stop you from availing this loan facility.


1. Minimum net income
2. Minimum Age
3. Maximum Age
4. Minimum Loan Amount
5. Maximum Loan Amount
6. Need to show proof of income for
Loan against property.